Wat Kor Cultural Village is away from Phnom Penh at Wat Koh village in Battambang province, there is the “homeland” for many Khmer traditional houses, most of them built from 1920 – 1056. An interesting house that belonged to Mr. Noun Chea, Brother Number 2 of the Pol Pot regime, survives there today. But this house no longer belongs to Mr. Noun Chea’s Family. It belonged to a local family that bought this house in the late 1980s. This house was built during the French colonial era although the exact date is not known. In spite of its age, the original, robust construction still remains intact.

In 2005, Asia RUB III Project came to visit Wat Kor Commune and village to plan for preservation of these traditional Khmer 3 village as a possible tourist destination. With the completion of this NGO project, many national and international tourists visit those villages daily. The attraction of the Wat Kor commune is the Khmer traditional house and village. Most of the houses are ancient and wooden with real, traditional, Khmer architecture. Also, the simple daily activity of the local farmers along the Snagke River and at their homes and gardens is a major interest.