Victory Beach is really two beaches divided by a rocky point and a small hill. The southern section is known as ‘Hawaii Beach.’ The northern section near Weather Station Hill is known as ‘Victory Beach’ and at the port end of the beach, ‘Port Beach’ and ‘ New Beach.’

‘Victory Beach’ sits at the base of the very popular Weather Station Hill near the Vietnam-Cambodia Monument (‘Victory Monument’). At the time of printing, the section of Victory Beach immediately at the base of the Hill was still undergoing a development project including the installation of a full-size retired Antonov AN-24 to be converted into an internet café. The beach is currently still open beach-goers, and just 50 meters up the beach there are several little beachside seafood restaurants offering beach chairs and umbrellas, inner tubes, cold drinks, and snacks. A bit further north along Victory Beach, there are a couple of upscale oceanside seafood restaurants and the Holiday Palace Casino and Resort.

Above Victory Beach, Weather Station Hill (a.k.a. Victory Hill, Port Hill, The Hill) is a budget traveler and bar/nightlife area that offers a real variety of places. Budget and backpacker places dominate the side of the Hill above the beach overlooking the ocean and there are several tourist-oriented businesses on top of the Hill as well, including budget and mid-range guesthouses and hotels, a variety of restaurants and bars, the internet, CD shops, and lots more. The top of the Hill also has one of the fastest growing bar and nightlife scenes in town. The main entrance road to the hilltop from Ekareach Street sports several hostess bars and other drinking venues, many staying open into the early morning hours.

Hawaii Beach; is also known as ‘King’s Beach,’ ‘South Channel Beach’ and ‘Lamherkay Beach.’ Like the other major beaches, Hawaii Beach is lined with umbrellas and chairs and little beach shack bars and seafood restaurants, though no where near as densely as Ochheuteal. Like Independence Beach, Hawaii is much less touristed than Ochheuteal and ‘Serendipity.’ Access the beach from the small road at the southern end.