These are the elements of Tourism Cambodia Travel, the essence of what Cambodia wants to project as a country, both locally and globally. The main tagline is Cambodia – the Kingdom of Wonder and the primary brand color is golden orange to denote monk’s robes, sunsets, warm people and vibrant culture. The flagship identity will be the unique and iconic Angkor Wat (above) and the following six of logos will use when we promoting travel destinations and activities of interest tourism Cambodia.



Cambodia’s delicious cuisine is represented by a fish and the famous “Mekong Lobster”. Whether you long for local gastronomy or international cookery, Cambodia abounds in various eateries to satisfy your taste buds.

Cuisine Cambodia

Culture and Art

The beautiful Apsara dancer represents Cambodia’distinct culture. Traditional celebrations, festivals and other cultural activities and events are always on offer throughout the Kingdom.

Culture and Art of Cambodia

Community-Based Tourism

The ox-bow, the reliable workhorse of Cambodia’s bucolic countryside, represents rural daily life and traditional ways. You too can experience rustic everyday life visiting community-based and ecotourism project.

Community Based Tourism

Nature and Ecotourism

The elephant in Cambodia represents nature, strength, heritage, and wisdom, which are symbolic of the unspoiled natural attractions of Cambodia and play a major role in indigenous culture.

Nature and Ecotourism

Coastal Destination

The coconut tree is reminiscent of the beauty of Cambodia’s Southwestern coast including Sihanoukville, Kep, and Koh Kong, which abounds in warm white sandy beaches and unspoiled island, the perfect places for a relaxing getaway.

Coastal Destination

The Mekong River

Cambodia’s playful freshwater dolphins were represented both of the life-giving Mekong and fun-loving culture. The symbolic of the wealth of engaging attractions on offer in Kratie and Stung Treng tourism sites

Mekong River