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Kulen Mountain Adventure Tour

Siem Reap, Cambodia
7 - 8 Hours

Kolen Mountain Adventure Tour

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Kulen Mountain Adventure Tour Description

Kulen Mountain Adventure Tour is a new full day tour that provides to our guests who would like to spend a short time to visit Kulen Mountain Park. This tour will spend a whole day on Mountain and there many things to see because it is an origin of Khmer Empire and drive long distance. We will drive past the villages, paddy and forest along the road.

Kolen Mountain Adventure Tour

Why Visit Kolen Mountain Park?

Kulen mountain park located in the northeast of Angkor Wat complex about 50 Km. We will spend approximately 2 hours drive up to the hill to about 487 meters height and plateau stretch 30 km long. The park opened for all kind of tourists since 1999 for private owned, and the fee is 20USD per foreigner. We have to get on the top before 11 AM, and possibly come down from the midday because the controller needs to avoid vehicles meeting on the narrow road.

The Kulen mountain is a sacred mountain in Cambodia, and it became a popular place for domestic guests during weekend days and especially during the traditional festivals. The Park is used to became an ancient capital city during King Kayavaraman II in AD 802 and declared himself as a God-king, and he was announced in independence from Java and giving birth to present day Cambodia.

We will visit Prasat Krau Romeas, Rong Chen (first mountain temple, Sra Damrei (Elephant pond) and we will visit a popular place for visitors called Thousands of Phallic Symbols Carved along the river bed and divided into three port for Hindu Trinity Gods. These three ports used for baptistery. Moreover, we visit Buddhist pagoda and a giant reclining Buddha statue about 8 meters length carved into a sandstone in the 16th century.

The last attractive place is the waterfall that has about five meters heights and 25 diameters in dry and raining seasons. And the second waterfall is about 20 meters heights and 15 widths in dry and rain seasons.



  • Transportation
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Water and Towels
  • Lunch.


  • The Tour will start from 8:00 AM and Return from 5:00 PM
  • This tour is not recommended for walking disabilities or using wheelchair
  • Please dress appropriately
  • Comfortable shoes highly recommended.