Ha Long Bay Cruising

Ha Long Bay Cruising in Vietnam Travel Destination

How We get Cruising Ha Long Bay? We bought a motorbike and were ready for our first test to see how well she would ride. It was a 170km from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. It was amazing to see how much you actually miss when you are cramped on the bus. It seems that […]

Day Tour Experience

Day Tour Experience in Phnom Penh

Before making our way to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor, we headed to Phnom Penh to do a day tour experience. Don’t miss this capital city because it is alive with both history and nightlife. We found many things to do in Phnom Penh then we decided to create the Phnom Penh City Day […]

Countryside Tour Activities

Beside the temple tour in the ancient area, tourists can create a countryside tour activities themselves by traveling to the rural village where most tourists have never traveled this the region. The Siem Reap Countryside tour is performing about Cambodian daily lifestyle, true Cambodia traditional, and learn what they are making like agriculture and handmade […]