Smile Of Angkor Grand Epic Show Description

Smile of Angkor Show is the first comprehensive show of song and dance epic Angkor dynasty, the play in selecting the most representative cultural treasures of Angkor’s cultural image, combined with modern style to performance from the founding the Golden Age, from the legend to style, from the past to the present, those hidden in the stone, after the ancient murals must taste to show Korea’s Yun performance was dripping. This is a brilliant show. The cost of more than 500 million dollars by 2008 China Olympic closing ceremony of the director team, join the Cambodian Ministry of Culture, senior expert, well-built.

This is a legendary performance. A huge lineup, fantastic content, use of modern high-tech approach, concentrated essence of the Angkor dynasty of all, magic show dimensional space.

The Smile of Angkor Grand Epic Show not only make a great achievement in Cambodia culture and arts but make a great contribution to Cambodia people. In Smile of Angkor, ninety percent of the dancers is Cambodia. Some of them are orphans; some of their relatives are the victim of the landmine. The smile of Angkor offer them a job, train them to be a dancer.

Option A Option B
Seat A USD35.00 Seat A USD45.00
Seat B USD30.00 Seat B USD38.00
Price Includes: 
  • Ticket for the Show
  • Buffet Dinner
  • All government Tax.

Price Includes:
  • Ticket for the Show
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Two ways Transportation
  • All government Tax.

Note: Children age from 4 – 12 years old 50% off


Smile of Angkor Show Seat


Show Contents List

  • Preface Ask God
  • Chapter One: Glorious Kingdom
  • Chapter two: Resurrection of Gods
  • Chapter three: Churning the Ocean of Milk
  • Chapter four: Prayer of Life
  • Ending the Show

General Notices

  • We Pick up time: 5:30PM
  • The Buffet Dinner Time start from 6:00PM
  • Show Start: 7:15PM – 8:25PM (70 minutes, every evening)
  • Children under 12 years old are half price of adult
  • The smile of Angkor Allow to take photograph without using flash tools.