About Siem Reap Night Life

Siem Reap Night Life is a guide for who are looking online guideline, this articles will help you to spend about 3-4 hours for hangout of your hotel. There are many high show places to perform your life at night time. Siem Reap nightlife is a most popular for local tour and international tourists. The below shots is good enough for tourists to spend a night for hangout and hangover.

Happy Shopping

Most of the popular bars, both Cambodian and Western in style, are at the Siem Reap Old Market, on what else but “Pub Street” and the smaller side streets branching off from it. Nightlife goes on until the morning some nights in this area.

While the above was true once, nightlife around town is changing, with Pub Street becoming a bit more of a dinner street than a nightlife street. The Angkor What? bar and the Temple Club are the exceptions, with ground shaking music going on well into the evening, or morning, and plenty of backpackers shaking to the beat. Off of pub street, the following places also see a fair bit of night time action.

The X-Bar is now by far the post 3 am the venue of choice, rocking on through dawn virtually every night. Good food, movie nights regularly.

Abacus is known for its great food but is also a nice bar, a bit more of a French crowd, but definitely one of the places to be in town.

The Laundry Bar maintains its hold on those looking for a more mellow experience, with fantastic lounge music and great atmosphere.

The Warehouse is the place to kick off a big night, and will often go late if the mood is right. Probably the best cocktails in town, and a variety of music depending on the evening and the bar tender’s urges. Also probably the best place to be for football viewing. Good food.

Aqua Sydney is a swimming pool/bar and a nice place to while away some hours morning, noon, or night. A bit off the beaten track but worth finding.

The Funky Munky has moved, but will likely retain the same midday and early evening mayhem they are famous for at their new location near Pub Street. Excellent English pub grub.

The Ivy Bar serves some of the best European food around. Not a late night bar, but an ex-pat favorite and a good place to sit for dinner and a few drinks with a chance to hear some of the local gossips.

Cafe Bar-Noir! Located in The Cockatoo Nature Resort, on the second floor of an elegantly restored/renovated Khmer house, this bar is unique – it holds movie nights for cineastes, with a focus on film classics including Hollywood film-nor (hence the name). Cocktails are named after movies such as Gilda and Double Indemnity. Semi-open verandah overlooks beautiful pool and gardens, making a very romantic venue at night.

Pub Street

Siem Reap Night Life in Pub Street after the sun goes down, the focus shifts firmly a block east of the Old Market to the ‘Pub Street’ and the nearby alleys, so named for the numerous and varied restaurants and pubs that line Street 8. It all began in 1998 when Angkor Wat? The bar opened its doors – the lone pub on an otherwise quiet street. These days Pub Street is packed end to end with restaurants, boutiques, shops and pubs as are the many of the connecting alleys and passages, each with its own special character.

Night Market

Siem Reap NightLife at the Angkor Night Market a market that designed to give visitors a safe, secure, and enjoyable shopping and dining experience in a vibrant, contemporary Khmer environment. As well as a wide variety of stalls offering the diverse range of goods and services in a hassle-free environment, the Angkor Night Market includes the ambient Island Bar and the food court serving all the usual drinks, cocktails and the large menu of Asian and Western cuisine from the afternoon until late night. Open from 4 pm to 12 am every day.