Being popular travel attraction site in Mondulkiri, the Phnom Karaol Cultural Resort is located in Orayes Village, Sre Sangkom Commune, Koh Nhek District; 3 km away from the town of Koh Nhek District or 111 km from the Mondulkiri Province Town. It is a second travel attraction site after Boo Sra Waterwall. It can be accessed by the red pebble path. There are more than 135 families living in the Phnom Kraol area of 68 ha, whose main occupations are farming. This resort is managed by the Inter-commune Commission for Managing the Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort.

The Kraol Mount covered by forest provides plenty of opportunities for picnicking and hiking. Its main point of interest is a place of worship on the mountaintop where residents and tourists always visit to pray for happiness and prosperity. Nowadays, it is the main tourist attraction which draws inbound international and internal tourists.