Kampong Trach Resort is the rocky mountain having caves and natural wells where arranged and worshiped by the tradition of Cambodia, China and Vietnam. The resort locates at Dam Nak Kan Tuot Khnag Tbong Commune, Kampong Trach District in 38-kilometer distance, Est of Kampot town by the national Road No. 16. There is a natural well having 30 meters diameter and other small natural wells having four-meter stair and artistic stone look like animal or object shape. From these natural wells, there is a long cave that we can go through to the La Ang Viel Sre 100 and La Ang Thmor Dos.

At the natural wells, there are some evidences remain which prove that the wells were the main filming places before the 70th decade. At the front valley, there is a pagoda of Chinese and Vietnam. In front of the cave, there is a Cambodian pagoda, which has been now maintained and arranged by the pagoda committee permanently.

Among the above four resorts excepted Teuk Chhu have not been renovated and well organized yet. However, there are tourists and researchers visit the resorts.