Kampong Phluk, A Floating Village

Kampong Phluk is one of the travel attractions and about 20 Km locates on the Southeast of Siem Reap Town. Two ways are accessible to Kompong Pluk, a charter boat ride from Chong Kneas takes one and a half hour and the other by overland just one hour by car, upon arrival at dock meet a boatman drives along a small stream to the village. In the Kampong Phluk period, we can drive motorbike or car all the way to the village because the road is clear.

Kampong Phluk in Dry Season

Over 3000 inhabitants are real Khmers, their households made of wood and bamboo built on stilts of about 6m to 7m high. During the dry season when the lake is low and lack of water those buildings look like the skyscrapers. At this time of the year, many of villagers move out onto the lake and build provisional stilted houses. In wet season while the water level rises up again, the dwellers move back to their permanent houses on the flood plain, the stilts now hidden under the water. People made a living by catching fishes produce as well as the smelly fish paste, fermented fish, smoked fish, dried fish, dried prawn etc.

When you arrival this village you will explore the above activities and we can have a chat with children at school or private English class. One of the secondary school which built high about 7meters. Stop at Buddhist Island to see Buddha paintings a nice pagoda which never float in the floating season. The last fascinating spot, we take a mini boat row to see flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and it is home to a variety of wildlife including crabs, snakes, rats. After spending some time in the village and flooded mangrove forest , do not miss out on seeing the great Tonle Sap lake that is a very short boat ride away.

Where to Eat at Kampong Phluk?

Kampong Phluk has a few local restaurants floating along a way to Tonle Sap lake, these are local family business. Nowadays, there is a nice and standard restaurant called Riverside Coffee and Restaurant which invested by International Company and from Riverside Coffee you can walk on the wooden walkways more than 1000m long to the restaurant located in the lake of Tonle Sap.