Ka Chang Waterfall locates at Ka Chanh Commune, Ban Lung District I six-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town. The waterfall has 12meter length and non-stop flows along a canal named “Ou Kan Teung” to Sre Pork River in Sam Phat district.

We call the waterfall “Ka Chanh” because we follow the ethnic minority of Kreung at Ka Chanh village. Among the river and rubber plantation, which projects the pleasant and cool shadow, the waterfall of Ka Chanh al provide the great scenery in attracting tourists to visit and view the waterfall. In the order to go down to the stream’s bottom, we go by a wooden stair having approximate 72 steps. At the upstream side, there are big trees branching out and projecting cool shadow where tourists like having a picnic here. At the lake, there is a stand stair built in 1998 for tourists to getting on the elephants back for their enjoyable riding.