Independence Beach gets its name from the the 7-storey The Independence Boutique Resort and Spa (formerly the Independence Hotel) sitting atop the rocky point at the north end of the beach. Generally called ‘Independence Beach,’ many of the locals also refer to this beach as ‘otel bram-pul chann (‘hotel 7-storeys’) and it is labeled ‘7-Chann Beach’ on the in-town street signs.

Independence Beach is, in general, less frequented than other beaches, and sees comparatively few foreign visitors. It’s a good beach to escape some of the hustle and bustle of more touristed beaches like Ochheuteal while still having access to a selection of little beach bars and seafood shacks.

Independence Beach is more than a kilometer long, but the sandy area can be quite narrow, making the beach best when the tide is lower. Grass umbrellas, seafood shacks and drink vendors dot the beach from end to end with a greater concentration toward the southern end where the beach is widest. At the northern end of the beach is the Independence Resort on the hill and a small fresh water lake, which is the source of the Sihanouk Ville’s fresh water (and is rumored to contain crocodiles).