Beside the temple tour in the ancient area, tourists can create a countryside tour activities themselves by traveling to the rural village where most tourists have never traveled this the region. The Siem Reap Countryside tour is performing about Cambodian daily lifestyle, true Cambodia traditional, and learn what they are making like agriculture and handmade products.

More you will see is culture, you will learn more about the real culture of Cambodian people who are stilling alive and keeping from the ancient until the present. The people are friendly more than your expectation and form welcome, honest speaking to you.

What kind of vehicle should you use for countryside tour activities?

For the countryside tour activities, we recommend you to use one bicycle or motorbike. These vehicles will help you to go through with the flexibility activities in the village. If you use a motorbike, you just be careful with the animals or kids that they sometimes play or run across the road. For more convenience, you can bring one of a local tour guide with you.  Let’s see how Vespa Adventures does on their travel activities in the countryside.

What will you see in the countryside?

There are traditional lifestyles, activities, and agriculture that walk across your eyes when you step into the rural village. These things and activities will make you new experiences.

The lifestyle of Cambodian People – what you see on the road or in a family are Khmer traditions and cultures where countryside people keep well than citizen people.

Friendly Kids – On the way, you will see friendly kids say hello to you with the smile and lovely faces. They try to learn from you about your activities.

Local tradition – Family job, agriculture, and the sound of Khmer-speaking are all about Khmer traditional and original Khmer pronunciation.

Local Market – Local market is every simple please to display and selling exotic foods, fruits, and clothes etc.

Local foodies – It does not have cheese with the Khmer foods but you can try Khmer foods in the village, it would be a new experience for you while visiting the countryside tour activities.