Chrey Thom Waterfall Is locates at Sen Monorum District in 43-kilometer distance from the provincial town. During the dry season, the waterfall has 15-meter height and 2-meter diameter, and during the rainy season, the waterfall has 11-meter height and 8-meter diameter.

The waterfall surrounded by the plantation of Sro Lou and there is a big and brandy tree of Chrey. The Provincial Tourist office in cooperation with the territorial authority has arranged this waterfall spot as the tourist site instead of Boo Sra waterfall that unable to be accessible during the rainy season.

Chrey Thom area of 303.555 ha within about 220 families are living in the region. Their daily occupations are farming. Chrey Thom provides some travel activities such as hiking, swimming, picnicking, and trekking. More than these activities, you can visit the village to purchasing some handmade souvenirs which produced by the ethnic group.