Cambodian Cultural Village situated in Siem Reap province along the road number 6 distanced 3 Km from International Siem Reap Airport and 10 Km Angkor Wat temple the world heritage with 210.000 square meter complexes. The construction of Cambodian Cultural Village started on the half of 2001 and officially grand open on the 1st January 2004.

Cambodian Cultural Village is an antique resort in Cambodia. Through the broad analysis and popular technique from abroad have made construction, planning, architecture, creative planning getting well to be an international standard. Cambodian Cultural Village is a place to conservation, develop and publish the Cambodian Culture. For participating country development, the company invested a lot for correcting the whole construction to be a luxury and our splendid performance has been shown. Cambodian Cultural Villages is a tremendous resort that culture, tradition were gathered and performed by our dancers that suitable to find out, the lifestyle landmark providing completed facilities and recreation services for both tourists and local community. Visit Cambodian Cultural Villages is getting to know Cambodia, Cambodian culture, Cambodia ethnic and Khmer traditional. Cambodian Cultural village is a historical reveal and tourism entrance.

Wax & Historical Museum

Wax Museum exhibits the well-known historical people from the first century up to 20th century. The antique museum has reflected the lifestyle during Angkor period and Angkor construction that induce the visitors easy to understand Angkor splendid civilization. In this museum was showing about Khmer lifestyle, Traditional game, Khmer house, Khmer wearing a dress and the way how Angkor Wat was built during the time of 12th century. Not only above showing but also presented some ancient things from Pre- Angkor period until 15th Century.

Millionaire House

The Millionaire House is an ancient style of Khmer construction during the Ou Doung period, the rich families stayed in this old style Khmer construction. It was made of high-quality materials, fine wood to make it strong and good decoration. This place where the most popular and Traditional Khmer Wedding ceremonies were performed.

Chinese Village

The Chinese people have moved to Live in Cambodia more than thousand years ago during the Song Dynasty. Most of them are dealing with small business, crop, and vegetable. The principle religion is Buddhism.

Cham Village

The origin of Cham people is from Champa, Vietnam. Cham people mostly live along the riverbank and make their living by fishing and in producing fine blacksmiths. Cham people can be found in almost every place in the country, their religion is based in Islam (Preah Allah).

Kola Village

Kola people, originally from Burma since 1870, are one of the minorities living in Pailin Distract, northwest of Cambodia where there are plenty of precious stones and peacocks. They came to Cambodia to dig precious stones to be cut and made into beautiful jewelry. The popular dance of Kola people was called Pailin Peacock Dance is performed here highlighting the peacock’s activities.
Kroeung Village. Kroeung people are the ethnic minorities Living in the northeast of Cambodia, Ratanakiri province where there are rich supplies of natural resources, they make their Living by Farming and hunting. They believe in Animism, “Choosing Fiancé Show” (The females have the right and freedom to choose whom they are going to get married) is performed in this village.

Khmer AssociationVillage

The Lifestyle of Cambodian lived abroad. Features house and the church which shows the Christian religion. We exhibit their lifestyles, houses where they live, church and others.

Khmer Village

Khmer are the main people of Cambodia. There are many types of houses in Khmer villages such as Peth house, Kantaing house, and Raungdoeung house, there are main models of houses of Khmer people. Wood and stone carving, clay pot making, palm sugar making, crafting, Fishing and more are performed here especially Khantremming Dancing.

Phnorng Village

One of the tribal groups living in the Northeast of Cambodia, Mondulkiri Province. They make their living by farming and hunting. They believe in Animism, they are headed by Water and Fire Master who takes care of Preah khan (Sword) which is granted by the ancient Khmer king. In this village, “Water & Fire Master Choosing Show” is performed.

Floating Village

In the Southern Part of Siem Reap Province, you can find the Chong Khneas Village, in Kampong Pluk located along the riverbank of Tonle Sap Lake. The villagers make their living by means of fishing using small boats, others preferred farming in the floating field. Their religion was based on Buddhism, thus before going to work, they pray to the guardian spirit to ask for blessings and good harvests.

Mini theatre

This place was designed following the Khmer architecture, it is a building roofed by “Khunma” leaves. And where for holding performances such as the Apsara dance, coconut dance, playing drums, acrobats, comedy shows, and multi nationalities dance.

Big Theatre

The place where to perform the Special Night Show including more than one hundred performers is “Greatest King Jayavarman 7 show “. This show expressed the invasion of another country to Cambodia in 1177 in Angkor Wat area, Until 1181 Jayaraman 7 lead the soldiers to liberate territory from the invaders, Champa country and then he got complete victory. After that, he got crown and his unforgettable reputable achievements have remained for Cambodia, King of Wonder.


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Place Program Time
Millionaire’s House Khmer Wedding Ceremony I 11:00-11:30
Break Time
Mini-theater The Immortal life of Khmer Soul(Mon – Thur) 14:30-15:00
Charming of Phahum (Fri – Sat – Sun)
Millionaire’s House Khmer Wedding Ceremony II 15:10-15:40
Chinese Village Chinese Traditional Dance 15:50-16:10
Kola Village Dreamy prince’s daughter 16:20-16:40
Magic peacock
Visit Judgement Tunnel & Ghost House
Kroeung Village Choosing Fiancé 16:50-17:20
Khmer Village Khantremming Dance 17:30-18:00
Phnorng Village Rice Praying 18:10-18:40
Big Theater The greatest King Jayavarman 7 (Fri – Sat – Sun ) 19:00-20:00
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