Cambodia Water Festival is known as Bon Om Touk (Boat Racing Festival). The ceremony is helping around the country by the province location and the most magnificent tradition festival is in Phnom Penh City. Water Festival will be helping for 3 days and the Cambodian citizens bring their community raced boat to the city for register for racing on the Mekong River.


Cambodia Water Festival History

Long time ago, the Khmer king was training the soldiers to race the boat to attest of the army for preparing to battle because in the document said that the King allows battle the army by using the boat, then the water festival was helped every year to choose Champion of the boat racing. This water festival is shown on the walls of the Bayon temple and Banteay Chhmar. Those walls have a lot of statues about boat battle which leading by the King Jayavarman VII. The custom of this festival is helping until recently.

We always remember that the Cambodia Water Festival is celebrated in November of the year. The ceremony is celebrated to honor the victory of Cambodian Naval forces in the reign of King JayvarmanVII, during Angkor period of the 12th century. This ceremony is to tell the Cambodian that this ceremony is to exercise for the military of national navy force.

In the day time of the ceremony, the boat racing committee organizes for all ceremony, especially, the boat racing. The people come from the province around Cambodia visit the racing until dark time coming. In the night time, there shooting the fireworks and celebration the festival and to accompany the ceremony.