Cambodia Vespa Adventures found from by Cambodian that was born in Siem Reap and raised at Angkor Wat temple. She has a dream to share local experiences with visitors that are captivating, unique, fresh, and fun in a sustainable and respectful way. Through Cambodia Vespa Adventures and this selection of unforgettable tours, her dream has now become reality.

Recently, Vespa Adventures Siem Reap has three unique tours that bring unforgettable experiences.

Cambodia Vespa Adventures Tour Highlights

Countryside Life Tour

The Countryside Life Tour has truly connected you with Cambodian, its people, the countryside surroundings, and the local life. Enjoy wondrous juice gatherings, exotic foods displays, spiritual blessings and a peek into the future. Check Price Now >>

Our Angkor Tour

The Our Angkor Tour is a tour that brings you to the place that the founder of Vespa grew up right in the spiritual heart within the walls of Angkor Wat. They will take you where she grew up with fascinating stories about life in Angkor. Check Price Now >>

After Dark Foodie Tour

The After Dark Foodie Tour connects with the Cambodian authentic foods at the secret locations. In the most unlikely surroundings and strictly among the local clientele, real Khmer cuisine is served on this food tour. Taste Khmer delicacies, discover exotic fruits and top it all off with Cambodian rice wine enriched with bouquets of exquisite local herbs and spices. Check Price Now >>

Angkor Sunrise Tour

If you visit Siem Reap, do not miss Angkor Sunrise Tour and don’t look over this magnificent unison of nature and man! Even when overcast the dawning of Angkor is a breathtaking sight. With the early rise, the Vespa mobility and a keen route design, you avoid the crowds as much as possible. Like the Our Angkor Tour, this tour takes you to all the Angkor highlights and beyond. Check Price Now >>