Bats Cave in Phnom Sampeu

Bats Cave in Phnom Sampeu, Battambang

This Bats cave is one of three at Phnom Sampeu that contain colonies of over one million Asian wrinkle-lipped bats (Chaenephon Plicatus). Only 13 colonies of the species are known in Cambodia. These are thought to support over 6.5 million bats in total, and the colonies at Sampeu are among the largest in the country. Bats Cave […]

Wat Kor Cultural Village

Wat Kor Cultural Village in Battambang

Wat Kor Cultural Village is away from Phnom Penh at Wat Koh village in Battambang province, there is the “homeland” for many Khmer traditional houses, most of them built from 1920 – 1056. An interesting house that belonged to Mr. Noun Chea, Brother Number 2 of the Pol Pot regime, survives there today. But this […]

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary Preservation

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary is on the Tonle Sap and it is a home of 120 bird species, many endangered. From January through Jun it is a breeding ground for dozens of species including storks, ibises, cormorants, pelicans and adjuncts. During the rainy season you can visit the flooded forest and watch locals lifestyle earning […]

Baset Temple, Battambang Province

Baset Temple was built in the 11-century temple built by King Suriyavaraman I (1002-1050) on high ground near Baset village, Ta Pon commune, Sangke district. Baset temple built of laterite and sandstone, the temple is stylistically Klaing temple. Nearby the temple is beautiful ancient ponds with meters width and 20 meters length and about 10 […]

Sneung Temple

Sneung Temple

Sneung Temple built in the late of 12th century, has three elaborately carved lintels of exceptional quality. There are also three large crumbling brick buildings nearby with one carved lintel and decorated pillars at the entrance to the middle tower. The temple is divided into two parts West and East Sneung temple. The West Sneung is […]

Kamping Puoy Bassin

Camping Puoy Bassin

Kamping Puoy Bassin is located between two mountains Phnom Ku or Phnom Ta Ngen and Phnom Kamping Pouy – in Ta Nget Village, Ta Kream Srok commune, about 35 kilometers west of the provincial town.Kamping Puoy Bassin. This gigantic civil-engineering project was central to the Khmer Rouge’s plan

Sek Sak Resort

Sek Sak Resort

Sek Sak Resort is the natural resort, which has been popular since before the civil war time. Sek Sak stretches along the river bank full of plant, trees and bamboo-green nature in 500-meter length. As long as visiting Sek Sak

Colonial Buildings Battambang

Colonial Buildings in Battambang

Colonial Buildings are Much of Battambang’s special charm lies in its early-20th-century French architecture. Some of the finest buildings are along the waterfront, especially along the two blocks of St 1 south of Psar Nat

Killing Caves Phnom Sampeau

Killing Caves Phnom Sampeau

About half-way up the cement access road to the summit, a turn-off leads 250m up the hill to the Killing Caves Phnom Sampeau. An enchanted staircase, flanked by greenery, leads into a cavern where a golden reclining Buddha lies peacefully next to a glass-walled memorial, dedicated in 2007, filled with the bones and skulls of […]