Bou Sra Waterfall is located at Pich Chinda district Mondulkiri province in 43 Kilometer distance from the provincial town by red soil road. Boo Sra waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall and shared into difference three stages:

First Stage: The waterfall has 15-meter diameter and eight meters to 12meter height in the rainy season and 10-15 meter height in the dry season.

Second Stage: The waterfall has 23-meter diameter and 15 meters to 20-meter height in the rainy season, and 20-meter diameter and 18 meters to 25 heights in the dry season. The second stage of the waterfall has 150-meter distance from the first stage.

Third Stage: The waterfall has stronger speed than the second stage. This stage cannot be reached because it located in the thick forest, lack of transporting mean and is dangerous due to having fierce-wide animals.