Bats Cave in Phnom Sampeu

Bats Cave in Phnom Sampeu, Battambang

This Bats cave is one of three at Phnom Sampeu that contain colonies of over one million Asian wrinkle-lipped bats (Chaenephon Plicatus). Only 13 colonies of the species are known in Cambodia. These are thought to support over 6.5 million bats in total, and the colonies at Sampeu are among the largest in the country. Bats Cave […]

Ha Long Bay Cruising

Ha Long Bay Cruising in Vietnam Travel Destination

How We get Cruising Ha Long Bay? We bought a motorbike and were ready for our first test to see how well she would ride. It was a 170km from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. It was amazing to see how much you actually miss when you are cramped on the bus. It seems that […]

Day Tour Experience

Day Tour Experience in Phnom Penh

Before making our way to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor, we headed to Phnom Penh to do a day tour experience. Don’t miss this capital city because it is alive with both history and nightlife. We found many things to do in Phnom Penh then we decided to create the Phnom Penh City Day […]

Mekong River Dolphin

Mekong River Dolphin in Kratie Province

The Irrawaddy Dolphin or Mekong River Dolphin of Southeast Asia are shy, intelligent creatures with upward curving mouths that bestow a look of perpetual bemusement. Like so many other large mammals the world over, the river dolphin population has been decimated by human activity over the last century. Although the dolphins were once widespread throughout […]

Private Airport Transfer

Private Airport Transfer From/To Hotel

Beside Destination Management Company (DMC), True Cambodia Travel looks back to tourism in Cambodia and make some other small services such as Private Airport Transfer with the competitive price. One-way or two-way pickup or transfer from/to Siem Reap International Airport to/from the hotel.

Angkor Wat Ticket Prices

Angkor Wat Ticket Prices Increase since 1st February 2017

Angkor Wat Ticket Prices are settled to be higher than the year of 2016. The Tourism Minister H.E Thong Khon said that he does not believe that an upcoming hike in the cost of the Angkor Tickets for international tourists visit Angkor Wat will cause fewer tourists to come to visit Cambodia. He showed the […]

Cambodia Golf Holidays

Cambodia Golf Holidays, Make Golf Tours

Back to the Golf Industry in Cambodia, it is growing day by day and became a popular golf travel destination that many golfers have been making Cambodia Golf Holidays for a holiday choice. Cambodia golf today is perfectly within two destinations Siem Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Recently, Phnom Penh has 4 golf courses known […]

Countryside Tour Activities

Beside the temple tour in the ancient area, tourists can create a countryside tour activities themselves by traveling to the rural village where most tourists have never traveled this the region. The Siem Reap Countryside tour is performing about Cambodian daily lifestyle, true Cambodia traditional, and learn what they are making like agriculture and handmade […]

Cambodia Water Festival

Cambodia Water Festival

Cambodia Water Festival is known as Bon Om Touk (Boat Racing Festival). The ceremony is helping around the country by the province location and the most magnificent tradition festival is in Phnom Penh City. Water Festival will be helping for 3 days and the Cambodian citizens bring their community raced boat to the city for […]

Angkor Centre For Conservation Biodiversity

Wha is Angkor Centre For Conservation Biodiversity? Angkor Centre For Conservation Biodiversity (ACCB) is a wildlife rescue and nature conservation center. This is mean that every animal in ACCB care is indigenous to Cambodia and has been rescued from the illegal trade in wildlife. Recently, to help the project of wildlife in Siem Reap, Cambodia, […]

Cambodia Vespa Adventures

Cambodia Vespa Adventures found from by Cambodian that was born in Siem Reap and raised at Angkor Wat temple. She has a dream to share local experiences with visitors that are captivating, unique, fresh, and fun in a sustainable and respectful way. Through Cambodia Vespa Adventures and this selection of unforgettable tours, her dream has […]

Quad Bike Adventure Attract Your Heart

Quad Bike Adventure is one of the most tour activities in Siem Reap. The Quad Bike adventure will bring you to the authentic view and unique beautiful of Cambodia which is hidden and unexposed to the wold. Freshness and greenery of remote will attack your heart, they will make you feel in love with their beauty […]