Beung Yeak Loam Resort is a natural lake, which locates at the middle of the mountain in Yeak Loam Commune, Ban Lung District in five-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town. The lake has a square shape, approximate 800-meter diameter, and 48-meter depth during the dry season, and occurs by volcano for centuries.

The lake with the clear water like the sea and suitable for swimming, and there are two harbors on water for tourists to view the scenery and birds that are swimming along the stretch of the forest surrounding the lake. At the western bank of the lake, there is a tourist information center where for guiding and giving information to tourists and also for displaying souvenirs and handicrafts made by ethnic minorities.

Tourists like going to Beung Yeak Loam Resort for swimming and hiking along the forest surrounding the lake; they usually packaging their food along when going. Yeak Loam Lake worshiped by ethnic minorities at the nearby because they believe that there is a spirit who lives, protects and owns the territory and forest here.