The tenth-century Banteay Srei temple is renowned for its intricate decoration carved in pinkish sandstone that covers the walls like a tapestry. This site warrants as much time as your schedule allows. The roads have been recently repaired and it takes about 30 minutes from Siem Reap to get to the temple.

Banteay Srei Temple Direction

To reach Banteay Srei, follow the main road north out of Siem Reap, turn right at Angkor Wat and follow the road to Srah Srang where you turn right past Preah Rup. At the East Mebon, there is a check post where you need to obtain clearance. Turn right again at the road before the East Mebon; pass through the village of Preah Dark village, where there is a junction (if you continue straight, after about 5 minutes, you will reach Banteay Samre). At this point, you come to a fork; take the road on the left and follow it to Banteay Srei which you will reach shortly after crossing two rivers – on your left-hand side.

Banteay Srei is an exquisite miniature; a fairy palace in the heart of an immense and mysterious forest; the very thing that Grimm delighted to imagine, and that every child’s heart has yearned after, but which mature years has sadly proved too lovely to be true. And here it is, in the Cambodian forest at Banteay Srei temple, carved not out of the stuff that dreams are made of, but of solid sandstone. The enchanting temple of Banteay Srei is nearly everyone’s favorite site. The special charm of this temple lies in its remarkable state of preservation, small size, and excellence of decoration.

The unanimous opinion amongst French archaeologists who worked at Angkor is that Banteay Srei temple is a ‘precious gem’ and a ‘jewel in Khmer art’. Banteay Srei, as it is known by locals, was originally called Isvarapura, according to inscriptions. It was by a Brahmin of royal descent who was the spiritual teacher to Jayavarman V. Some describe it as being closer in architecture and decoration to Indian models than any other temple at Angkor. A special feature of the exquisite decoration was the use of a hard pink sandstone (quartz arenite) where enabled the ‘technique of sandalwood carving with even an Indian scent to it’.


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