Angkor Wat Ticket Prices are settled to be higher than the year of 2016. The Tourism Minister H.E Thong Khon said that he does not believe that an upcoming hike in the cost of the Angkor Tickets for international tourists visit Angkor Wat will cause fewer tourists to come to visit Cambodia. He showed the surveys that they come to visit Angkor Wat are ready to pay more but some tourism experts said that the government’s decision to increase the Angkor Wat day pass will affect the numbers of the tourists.

In 2016 the day passes are sold in $20 for one day, $40 for two days and $60 for one week and since 1st February 2017, the temple pass has been increasing to $37 for one day, $62 for 2 days, and $72 for a whole week. This price was effective from 1st February 2017 onwards.