All  the foreigner visitors are required to purchase an entrance ticket Angkor Archaeological Park.  The ticket will show everywhere at the check point spots. Ticket prices in the subject as below;

  • US$20  for one day pass
  • US$40  for three day pass – to be used within 7 days
  • US$ for Seven days pass – to be used within 1 month

Tickets are NOT valid after the expiry date.

  • The working time: 5:00am to 5:30pm

Entry tickets for a one-day visit are issued up to 5:00pm.
Entry tickets issued after 5:00pm are valid for the next day.

  1. The purchase of entrance tickets must be made at the ticket sales booths. Tickets purchased from a third party are NOT valid.
  2. Entrance tickets are NOT transferable to third parties and can not be reimbursed. If a visitor loses his/her ticket he/she must purchase a new ticket.
  3. Tickets must be produced at the check points everywhere.

Visitors who are found without an entrance ticket or with a fraudulent ticket or a transferred ticket are subject to a fine of:

  • US$100 for the value of a one day ticket  US$20
  • US$200 for the value of a three day ticket US$40
  • US$300 for the value of a one week ticket US$60